About Us

Our Mission
We believe all people have the right to:

  1. Experience the natural world to the fullest extent possible
  2. Learn through sight, sound, touch, and smell
  3. Receive affection, caring, and understanding
  4. Ask questions and have them answered honestly and fairly
  5. Speak their own thoughts in their own way
  6. Love and be loved
  7. Accept defeat without humiliation in a safe, supportive atmosphere
  8. Feel and share the thrill of success
  9. Take pride in themselves
  10. Have the opportunity to learn to share and trust through group cooperation and teamwork

A Note From W.E.U. Founder;

Nature has the power to open the hidden door to one’s soul. Through the ages, it has left its lasting imprint upon those who have dared to explore its fantasy. As a young boy, I fell under Nature’s magical spell. Ever sinceĀ I’ve wanted to lead others into the wilderness so that they might discover the joy and sense of belonging that can stay in one’s heart for a lifetime. That’s what Wilderness Experiences Unlimited Summer Camp is all about. It’s the culmination of my lifetime dream to introduce young people to outdoor surroundings and activities that foster love and respect of the outdoors, and bond kindred spirits. It’s a place where young people can begin their own personal journey to self-discovery and growth. When campers leave us at the end of each session, we hope that they take with them happy memories, a sense of accomplishment, and something more- a lasting desire and willingness to explore all possibility…

Safe Adventures,
T. Scott Cook, PhD.


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