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‘Sunflower Swimmers’  Young Beginners Ages 20mo+


Your child deserves undivided attention as they are introduced and gain experience swimming. Private instruction and our high energy, play-based class sets your child up for success. Water familiarization, developing basic swim skills, and increasing confidence are our goals. Your child’s lesson may start on deck, following maps, or going on a scavenger hunt…It is all about creating a fun, welcoming environment where your child is eager to return! They’ll be ready for our small group classes in no time! Nobody else offers high quality, affordable instruction for the littlest of swimmers, come see what we are all about! 20 Minute Classes. 5 Pack Lessons/$100


If your child is ready for group lessons (clown fish level) but you prefer the attention and schedule flexibility of our 1:1 lessons, this new option is for you! When your Sunflower swimmers is ready to move on to Clown Fish group class, you can opt instead to continue the 20 minute private lesson format and become a “SUNSHINE SWIMMER”. 5 pack lessons / $150 

Small Group Lessons

Clownfish – Level 1

With your child’s safety and progress in mind this class is always 4:1. We will utilize floatation for portions of class, other portion are hands on with the instructor helping develop foundation skills and confidence. 30minute class

Sea Turtles – Level 2 

This is when children begin developing their independent swimming. Unsupported floats, front crawl, underwater swimming, and introducing rotary breathing skills. 30minute class

Manta Rays – Level 3

The beginnings of stroke development. Primary focus is front crawl with rotary breathing, elementary backstroke, and back crawl. Introducing dolphin kick, building confidence and endurance. 30minute class. *Formally Triggerfish

Dolphins – Level 4

Increase efficiency of front crawl, refine diving, introduction to butterfly arms, develop timing for breast stroke. 30minute class.

Advanced Swimmers & Upper Level Instruction

Sharks – Level 5

You’ve gotten this far, don’t stop now! Great class for continuing stroke efficiency, building endurance, and learning new skills like flip-turns and racing starts. Relays, games & challenges keep the class fun. 45minute Class.

Stroke Clinics

The perfect compliment for young swim team swimmers. A fun group class to keep you active, get some exercise and make new friends. Focus on being efficient, getting fast and feeling strong. 40minute class. Thursdays 6:30-7:10pm

Adventure Swim Program ‘The SEALS’ (Level 5+)

Your child has worked so hard to develop their swimming, let’s play! 6 sessions including a snorkeling day, pool kayaking, surface scuba night & more. Last class is always a games night with a pizza party and awards!  4 Weeks / 1 hr sessions / $120

Adult Swim Instruction

If you never learned to swim, don’t have the confidence or want to brush up on your skills in the water, the time is now! Swimming opens new doors…whether it’s being able to swim for fitness, play with your kids in the water or explore the ocean while on vacation.  If it is time to do something for yourself, we can help. Private instruction with experienced professionals. Lessons can be scheduled when convenient for YOU 413-569-1287 or campweu@gmail.com to set up your first appointment.

Snorkeling Clinics

Learn the skills of using mask, fins, and a snorkel! It’s a fun class and a great skill for your next vacation!! Can be set up around YOUR schedule. Kids, adults, families. 1:1 classes or groups up to 6!

Private Lessons, Triathlon Training & Therapy Swim

Water is a great place to get strong, get fast, or just get back into basic movements. Whether you are looking to compete in your first open water swim race, or if you need 1:1 injury rehabilitation we have experienced, caring staff ready to develop YOUR plan.

Lifeguard Training and Water Safety Instructor Training
Professional certification classes to be sure you are trained, confident and ready to respond. Required for those looking for employment in an aquatic environment, or those who want to be able to help their family and friends should an emergency arise.

Next Lifeguard Class is April 2017


Water Aerobics & Fitness Classes –Tuesday & Friday Mornings!
Exercise in the water provides the best benefits, so come get in shape with us in our indoor heated 83° pool! Our instructor will guide you through a series of water exercises that incorporates kickboxing, yoga/pilates, tai chi, and so much more!

For More Information call 413.569.1287

Love the water? Want to try something new?

Don’t forget about our kayaking classes!

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