Private Swim Lessons & Registration

Private swim evaluations are required for all first-time swimmers. This appointment introduces families to our facility and determines appropriate private or group instruction level for your swimmer. Evaluations are $40/child. If you’ve been away from lessons with us for over one year, evaluation is required. Instructor approval is required for level advancement.

Private Lesson Descriptions

‘Sunflower Swimmers’  Young Beginner

Your child deserves undivided attention as they gain experience in the water. Private instruction and our high energy, play-based class sets your child up for success. Water familiarization, developing basic aquatic survival skills, & increasing confidence are our goals. It is all about creating a welcoming environment where your child is eager to return!  Ages 20 months & up. 20-min appts; 5 Pack / $125

‘Sunshine Swimmers’ Independent Swimmers

If your Sunflower swimmer has reached a level where they are ready to join group lessons (Sea Turtle level) but you love the flexibility of scheduling private lessons, and the 1 on 1 instruction of your swimmer … this is the answer! We will continue to develop foundations of swimming while introducing strokes and creating independent swimmers. 2o minute appointments. 5 pack/$165

Swim Instruction – Upper-Level Privates & Adult All Level Instruction

Looking for more targetted stroke development or simply a longer lesson? These 30-minute private sessions are perfect for adults, or kids looking to increase their endurance and perhaps begin moving toward a swim team or fitness goal. We work with many swim team members in their offseason or before championship events to brush up on their efficiency and drill in good habits.  If you are an adult this is the package for you, no matter your previous experience or ability. We work with adults ranging from total swimmer to triathlete competitors. $50/each or a 5-pack for $225

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Pre-registration required for all classes. — Payment required at registration.

We reserve the right to cancel lessons without refund for ill-fitting or forgotten swim diapers. Goggles required for all levels.

We require 24-hour notice for all customer cancellations. Cancellations made within 24 hours are not eligible for rescheduling or refund. We appreciate your understanding as out of fairness to all our swim families we must stick to this policy.

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