Summer Camps

Summer Camp

W.E.U. has been running summer camp since 1982 and we are still proud to offer brand new programs, activities, and locations. Whether your child is 6 years old or 16 years old…expect them to be challenged, have fun, make memories and be proud of their accomplishments!

Each summer, Wilderness Experiences Unlimited offers a variety of summer programs. In a small group format (ten campers per program) we provide a meaningful alternative to large (often too impersonal) summer camps. Activities are progressive beginning with Day Camp (ages 4-5, 6-7, 8-10, 11-13), the five-day Resident Camp (ages 10-14) or the Advanced Camp program for older campers (ages 12-17). For campers showing leadership potential, a Leaders in Training (ages 14-17) program offers an opportunity learn the challenges and responsibility of leadership! Hiking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, caving, backpacking, survival and emergency preparedness are just a few of the skills that may be learned in our close-to-nature adventure programs.

Day Camp (ages4-5, 6-7, 8-10, 11-13)

These camp programs are geared toward new campers and those who simply prefer a day format.

A La Carte Menu (ages 8+)

A menu of day trips and even overnight camping trips. Each dish is created by skilled facilitators, far from electronics. We foster a cooperative environment in all of our A La Carte items. All entrees are served with enthusiasm, creativity, and challenge.

Explorers & Trailblazers Camp (ages 10-14, 12-17)
Our resident camp program is ideal for intermediate and experienced campers. In our close-knit community, friendships flourish and every camper becomes an invaluable part of the “team.” With a sense of independence and support, our overnight camp is a great place for self-confidence to flourish.

Leaders in Training and  Leadership Quest Program (ages 12-17)
Our Leaders in Training program gives older campers broad exposure to the challenges of leading a summer camp and balancing responsibility with fun.

“When people ask me why at 16 years old do I still go to summer camp?…I just
say ‘Trust me, you would too if you went to WEU!’ Reflecting on the experiences
and knowledge gained in my 3 years of camping with WEU, I have learned so
much about friendship, life, nature, and myself. It truly is amazing. I feel like a
part of something special when I pull onto the dirt road leading to camp, and I
know that I will have the time of my life.” – Camper from Summer 2010

See our online registration page for more details on sign-ups!

This camp complies with the Regulations of The Mass. Dept. of Public Health and is licensed by the Local Board of Health.

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