W.E.U. swimming lessons find the balance of a performance-focused foundation while building a healthy relationship with the water for all ages. Get a one of a kind experience for your child (or you!) that is not to be missed.

1:1 Swimming Lessons 



The place to start swimming with W.E.U. is a private evaluation appointment. This serves as a facility introduction as well as a 20-minute private swimming lesson to determine proper private or group placement for your swimmer moving forward.  If you’ve been away from lessons with us for over one year, an evaluation is required to return lessons. (*Families with multiple swimmers; an evaluation will need to be scheduled for each child. We do not offer semi-private evaluation swims)

Starter Step for All Child Lessons 


30 Minute Appointment

Ages 20months + 

Sunflower Swimmers - Level 1

Your child deserves undivided attention as they are introduced and gain experience swimming. Private instruction and our high energy, play-based class sets your child up for success. Water familiarization, developing basic swim skills, and increasing confidence are our goals. Your child’s lesson may start on deck, following maps, or going on a scavenger hunt…It is all about creating a fun, welcoming environment where your child is eager to return! They’ll be ready for our small group classes in no time! Nobody else offers high quality, affordable instruction for the littlest of swimmers, come see what we are all about!

Young Beginners: Ages 20mo+ 


1:1 Lessons

20 Minute Classes

5 Pack Lessons: $149

Single Lesson: $32



*all swim packages have a 6-month expiration

Sunshine Swimmers - Level 2


If your child is ready for group lessons (Sea Turtle level) but you prefer the attention and schedule flexibility of our 1:1 lessons, this new option is for you! When your Sunflower swimmers is ready to move on to Sea Turtle Level group class, you can opt instead to continue the 20 minute private lesson format and become a “Sunshine Swimmer”

Private Level Instruction  


1:1 Lessons

20 Minute Classes

5 Pack Lessons: $175


*all swim packages have a 6-month expiration

Group Swimming Lessons 

Sea Turtles

This is when children begin developing their independent swimming. Unsupported floats, front crawl, underwater swimming, and introducing rotary breathing skills. Maximum 4 swimmers per session. 

Level 2 Group Instruction  

30 Minute Class

10:00am Saturdays

Pre-Registration Required

Monthly Sessions, 4 classes per session


Manta Rays


The beginnings of stroke development. Primary focus is front crawl with rotary breathing, elementary backstroke, and back crawl. Introducing dolphin kick, building confidence and endurance. Maximum 6 swimmers per session. 

Level 3 Group Instruction  

30 Minute Class

9:30am Saturdays 

Pre-Registration Required

Monthly Sessions, 4 classes per session




Increase efficiency of front crawl, refine diving, introduction to butterfly arms, develop timing for breaststroke. Maximum 6 swimmers per session. 

Level 4 Group Instruction  

30 Minute Class

9:00am Saturdays 

Pre-Registration Required

Monthly Sessions, 4 classes per session


Upper Level Lessons

30-Minute Private Swim Sessions (Level 3+)


Swimmers who are ready for Manta Ray groups or are graduating our sunshine Level 2 program simply need more than a 20-minute session. This is it! Developing strokes, increasing efficiency, AND building endurance, are just a few of our goals. 


Specialized extended coaching sessions also available.

Private Upper Level Lessons  


30 Minute Private Lesson

$50/lesson or $225 for 5-pack


*all swim packages have a 6-month expiration

Adult Lessons

Adult Swimmers

If you are an adult who desires increased comfort, skill, and confidence in the water...you are not alone! We work with many adults in a private instruction format to help you accomplish YOUR goals. Whether you are starting from the very beginning or you are looking to increase your speed and stamina in the water, our team of personable and compassionate instructors is here to help you accomplish amazing things. 

Private Adult Lessons  

30 Minute Private Lesson

$50/lesson or $225 for 5-pack

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Payment required at registration.

We reserve the right to cancel lessons without refund for ill-fitting or forgotten swim diapers. Goggles required for all levels. 

24-hour notice required for all customer cancellations. Cancelations made within 24 hours are not eligible for rescheduling or refund. Lesson packages expire is unused after 6 months. Group lessons cannot be rescheduled or refunded if missed. We reserve the right to switch scheduled instructors if needed. Please arrive 5 minutes early for your lesson, we are unable to make up time on the back end of a lesson. 

Schedule Your Class/Find More Info


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Front Desk Hours

We are a small family-run business and appreciate your patience in our limited desk hours.

We will have regular front desk hours again in March. Please contact us via email for the quickest response, or leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


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*An instructor will be in the pool with a private lesson student, but we are happy to share the water! Enter through pool area doors and sign the sign-in sheet so we can punch your lap swim card*

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